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Due to manufacturer limitations we only sell and deliver machines to the local area of Gloucestershire.

Petrol Tiller Cultivator Rotovator With a 36CM Tilling Width and 13CM Tilling Depth

Experience exceptional performance with the impressive 36cm (14″) working width of this high-powered 161cc OHV engine tiller from Webb. Designed to provide optimal preparation for your vegetable garden, it features an adjustable depth skid for precise tilling. The fixed handlebar and convenient transport wheel make it effortless to store and manoeuvre.

This powerful petrol is perfect for medium to large vegetable gardens, flower beds, and allotments. It effectively loosens and aerates the soil, while its compact size allows it to navigate easily between rows of vegetables, effortlessly eliminating weeds or preparing the ground for compost application.

Equipped with a smooth and reliable 4-stroke OHV engine, the Webb DVO160 161cc petrol engine drives the tilling blades at an impressive 3000 rpm. This ensures fast, efficient cultivation and rotation of soil, making it ideal for breaking up previously uncultivated soil areas.

Using this tiller is a breeze. Simply wheel it to the desired location for soil turning, lower the handlebars, and gradually adjust the throttle lever upwards. The turning blades will propel the tiller forward, eliminating the need for excessive pushing.

Invest in the Webb WEPT360MM Petrol Tiller Cultivator Rotovator to enjoy effortless soil preparation and achieve outstanding results in your gardening endeavours. With its reliable performance and comprehensive 2-Year Guarantee, it’s a versatile tool you can depend on season after season.

Features & Benefits 

  • EXCELLENT  36cm (14″) WORKING WIDTH –  this high-performance powerful 161cc OHV engine tiller from Webb will help deliver excellent preparation for your vegetable garden. It has an adjustable depth skid and is fitted with a fixed handlebar and transport wheel, making it easy to store and manoeuvre.
  • POWERFUL MINI TILLER FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE VEGETABLE GARDENS – perfect for flower beds and allotments, the tiller loosens and aerates the soil and is small enough to pass between rows of vegetables to dig out weeds or prepare the soil for adding compost
  • SMOOTH, RELIABLE 4-STROKE OHV ENGINE – fitted with a Webb DVO160 161cc petrol engine to turn the tilling blades at 3000 rpm for fast, effective cultivating and rotavating soil or breaking up previously uncultivated soil
  • EASY TO USE – simply wheel the tiller to the place you need to turn the soil, then lower the handlebars and gradually move the throttle lever upwards and the turning blades propel the tiller forward without needing to push
  • LONG AND STRONG METAL TINES – 16 L-shaped tines dig and turn the soil to a depth of 13cm for effective weed removal and cultivating the soil

Webb WEPT360MM Petrol Tiller

£349.99 Regular Price
£319.99Sale Price
VAT Included
  • WEIGHT 28 kg
    DIMENSIONS 136 × 40 × 90 cm

    Webb DVO160 161cc Petrol Engine


    161 cc






    2 Years (T&C's Apply)


    36 cm (14")


    Mini Tiller

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