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Due to manufacturer limitations we only sell and deliver machines to the local area of Gloucestershire.

Very powerful high-performance saw with advanced 2-MIX technology and STIHL M-Tronic (M). This electronic engine management system regulates the ignition timing and the fuel supply and automatically registers the external temperature for optimal engine performance, great acceleration and sustained maximum torque. Extremely robust and durable with low vibration levels. Designed for professional use within forestry and big timber harvesting. Supplied with rollomatic E guide bar, not rollomatic ES light as pictured.

A direct replacement of the MS 880, the MS 881 is the most powerful chainsaw in the market with the highest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW). Built for high performance work, this saw is the optimum choice for professional foresters and loggers. Ideal for the most demanding forestry jobs, this chainsaw is excellent for working in extreme conditions when harvesting big timber. Chainsaw can be fitted to a saw frame. Fitted with a 2-MIX engine to comply with EU5 emission regulation and HD2 filter ensures long-service life.
The MS 881 comes in 30, 36 and 41” bar lengths options with a .404” Rapid Super chain


  • The most powerful series-produced chainsaw in the world
  • For professional use in even the toughest conditions
  • Powerful, low-emission 6.4 kW engine and tool-free fuel caps
  • Modern oil pump for optimum oil flow
  • Captive nuts on the sprocket cover.
  • High-performance petrol saw for even the toughest jobs
  • For professional hardwood forestry
  • Easy starting and optimised engine performance with STIHL M-Tronic
  • Competition chainsaw in the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® series

STIHL MS 881 Petrol chainsaw

SKU: 1124-200-0199
VAT Included
Call us 01594 516613 for expected delivery date.
  • Bar length 75-105 cm
    Bar length 30-41 in
    STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type .404" Rapid Super
    Maximum RPM 11000 1/min 1)
    Displacement 121.6 cm³
    Performance 6.4 kW
    Weight 9.9 kg 2)
    Tank volume 1.30 l
    Speed at maximum power 8500 rpm
    Bumper spike 2 Steel claws
    Sprocket - number of teeth 7 Z
    Power-to-weight ratio 1.5 kg/kW
    Cylinder Chrome
    Filter material PET fabric
    Oil pump Adjustable
    Additional features Ematic chain lubrication system
    Filter HD2 filter
    Sprocket Ring sprocket
    Chain tensioning Lateral chain tensioning
    Anti vibration system Standard AV-System
    Weight 12.57 / 13.23 / 14.24 kg 3)
    Handle type Standard grip
    Power output 6.4/8.6 kW/bhp
    Exhaust Standard muffler
    Filler cap Tool-free filler cap
    Chain pitch .404"
    Carburettor Standard carburettor / compensator / limiter caps
    EPA Certified fuel consumption 0.846 glh
    Sound pressure level 106 dB(A) 4)
    EPA Certified fuel consumption 0-3.205 l/h
    Oil tank volume 700 cm³
    Sound power level 118 dB(A) 4)
    Vibration values left/right 8.9/8.9 m/s2 5)
    STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type .404"
    CO² ­ 729 g/kWh
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