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We currently only cover the following areas : Gloucestershire, South Herefordshire and Monmouthshire

For a very wide range of tasks in lawn maintenance, soil cultivation and surface cleaning. A wide range of STIHL MultiTools, folding frame for easy transport, simplified start-up sequence for comfortable starting, stop button, and paper air filter.


High-power, efficient MultiEngine for a variety of tasks

  • For lawn care, soil cultivation and surface cleaning
  • Easy to operate using the multi-function handle
  • Large selection of STIHL MultiTools

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine

SKU: 4604-200-0000
Sales Tax Included
Call us 01594 516613 for expected delivery date.
  • Vibration levels left/right 4.0/4.0 m/s2 1)
    Capacity 27.2 cm³
    Weight 8.3 kg 2)
    Performance 0.85 kW
    Performance 1.2 hp
    Sound pressure level 94 dB(A) 3)
    Tank volume 340 cm³
    Sound power level 102 dB(A) 3)
    MM_Start Comfort(*) Standard starter grip,Starter grip
    Description MultiEngine
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