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We currently only cover the following areas : Gloucestershire, South Herefordshire and Monmouthshire

For cutting close to the ground and for low-spin mowing in very narrow spaces as well as in areas near traffic. Flexible adjustment mechanism, space-saving carrying position, bar length: 25 cm, total length: 126 cm. Weight: 2.1 kg.


Suitable for all KombiEngines.

  • Scrub cutter with adjustable cutter bar
  • For use in even the tightest spaces and close to traffic
  • Ideal for cutting close to the ground and low-spin mowing
  • Individually adjustable with a flexible adjustment mechanism

STIHL FH-KM 145° Scrub Cutter KombiTool

SKU: 4243-740-5006
Sales Tax Included
Call us 01594 516613 for expected delivery date.
  • Tool Adjutable scrub cutter
    Overall length 126 cm
    Blade length 25 cm
    Recommended KombiEngine KM 94 RC-E / KMA 130 R
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