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We currently only cover the following areas : Gloucestershire, South Herefordshire and Monmouthshire
  • Designed for the home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Stirling range of expert mowers offer our most exact and robust mowing to date, with the Allett® cartridge system giving professional level cultivation and clean-up for lawn-thatch control, autumn renovations and weed control. The Stirling range drives a range of cartridges to cultivate your lawn deeper, faster and with greater precision with unprecedented control and new levels of comfort.

    Powered by the EGO 56V battery system using their unique 'Keep Cool'™ Technology, the mowing and cultivation cartridges are driven by a separate powerful electric motor(ProDrive™)​ and the rear roller drive speed is controlled by the handlebar mounted speed control which can be adjusted on-the-move so the correct forward speed is selectable to achieve the best results.

    The Stirlings are perfectly balanced machines with ergonomical handlebars which are so comfortable, the ambitious lawn expert will not be disappointed when the lawn is finished. Faster mowing speeds, if desired, are easily selected with the latest RotoShift™ control, but slowing for obstacles is effortless.

    Allett’s new HiteRite™ height of cut selection gives micro adjustment with a clear scale of the height selected. This height system is an even bigger advantage when selecting the depth for cultivation.

    Allett’s quickest cartridge change ever means that removing the mower cartridge and securing the other cartridges takes just seconds, and no tools are required with the patent-applied for Ultra-Change system (Int Pat App WO 2023/079275)

    A thicker, more rigid bottom blade SureBlade™ system gives easier and more accurate blade setting. Combined with quiet electrical system, this is Allett’s quietest mower ever. Your neighbours will love your mower too.

    Features expected from Allett’s Kensington range are standard like the adjustable, spring-tine lawn rake behind the steel front roller, front wheel kit and a split rear roller with differential drive for assistance in straight-lining and reduced turf-scuffage when turning.

    The 6-bladed mowing cartridge comes as standard. There is an optional 10-bladed cylinder with a thinner front-edged blade for where a close shave is desired for  example golf and bowling greens.

    The handlebar controls are designed for extra comfort, and a single hand lever gives instant adjustment for comfortable heights for users of all sizes. The new front-mounted grassbag is light, easy to mount and the tapered design empties with ease even when packed full with clippings into wheeley-bins.

     The Stirling can be pulled back with ease without resistance from driving the motor with the GlideDrive™ system.


    Note the mower is fitted with a smooth front roller as standard. The grooved roller is available as an optional extra 

    Allett Stirling 51 (20'') Battery Cylinder Mower

    PriceFrom £3,850.00
    Sales Tax Included
    Call us 01594 516613 for expected delivery date.
      • Recommended Lawn Size: Up to 450m2

        Cutting Width: 51cm  /  508mm  /  20"

        Machine Width: 655mm /26''

        Machine Body Length: 580mm/23''

        Machine Body Length With Grass Collector: 870mm/34''

        Min Handle Height:  910mm/36''

        Max Handle Height:   1050mm/41''


        Height of Cut: 5mm - 50mm Quick Step-less Adjustment with Height Gauge in MM for Height of Cut and Cultivation Depth. Cut as low as 3mm with the 10 blade cylinder 


        Cultivation Depths: 

        Verticut -10mm,

        Cylinder 6 blade (5-50mm)/10 blade (3mm-20mm)

        Scarifier: -10mm

        Aerator: -14mm 


        Dethatcher: -14mm  


        Grassbag: 70 litre Wire Frame/ Fabric Grass Bag. Consistent Fill and No Lip for Easy Emptying

        Handlebars: 3 Height Positions + Folding for Storage. Moulded Ergonomic Handle, Multi Grip Positions and Integrated Speed Control. 

        Quick Release Telescopic Handle Design. New Operator Position Provides a Clear Line of Sight Across the Full Width of the Front Roller. Effortless Control and Superior Manoeuvrability.

        Battery: 56V / 5.0Ah / 280Wh. 7.5Ah / 10Ah Battery Upgrade Available All With Visible Battery Gauge and Power Management System- LEDS

        Battery Life: Approx 40 minutes (850sqm) with the 6 blade cartridge and 5Ah battery. 10Ah available via Allett. (7.5Ah and 12Ah available via Ego)

        Charge Time: 100 mins. Upgrade to 40 mins with Ego Rapid Charger

        Cylinder Motor: 1000W.Increased Power Providing Deeper Lawn Cultivations (Liberty 43- 410W)

        Brushless Motors:  Higher torque to weight ratio, increased torque per watt of power input (increased efficiency), Increased reliability and lower maintenance requirements, Reduced operational and mechanical noise, longer lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion). A big selling point for our customers.

        Dual Motors (Pro Drive): Rear Roller and Cylinder/Cartridge Motor- isolate the two so you can travel across the lawn without the cylinder engaged

        Cutting Blade: 6 Blade Supplied as Standard. A Stiffer Bottom Blade/ Holder System Delivers an Even Reliable Cut Across the Blade Whilst Also Allowing Very Light Contact Cut Settings.

        Cartridges: Accepts ALL 20'' Cartridges. New Pulley Adaptor Kit Available to purchase 

         Time to Change a Cartridge: 15 sec - No Tools.  Patented No Tools Cartridge Change System Including Safety Lock Switch Which Prevents Cartridge Start Up If Cartridge Is Not installed Correctly

        Noise Levels: 90dB

        Front Roller: Steel / Zinc Plated With Scraper Bar.

        Grooved front roller available as optional extra

        Grass Rake: Adjustable Rake Fitted As Standard

        Rear Roller: Double Section With Geared Differential. New Over Drive/Drag Back Function Allows Mower to Be Manoeuvred Without Power.

        Forward Speed: Variable: 0.8 mph - 3.4 mph. Faster for Efficiency/ Slower for Cultivations. Independent Roller Drive. 

        Drive Method: Separate Roller Drive For Independent Speed Control

        Clip Rate: Variable 86 cuts/m - 375 cuts/m. Higher Clip Rate


        Mower alone 43kg

        57kg including 6 blade cartridge, battery and grassbag

        Warranty: Two year parts and labour warranty


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