Efco MT3500 Chainsaw

In-store price: £239.00

The Efco MT-3500 is  powered by a 2hp (38.9cc) two-stroke engine with an aluminium breech; a nickel-plated cylinder; and a forged connection-rod, all of which work to ensure an extended service life.

A catalytic-converter and sound-muffler keep emissions and noise to a minimum.

.Both the fuel and oil-tanks are transparent, so it’s easy to keep track of the fill-level.

The engine on the Efco MT-3500 is isolated from the body of the machine with three spring-dampers and rubber stops, ensuring very little stress is on the hands and arms of the operator.

Other comfort-enhancing features include a newly developed starting-handle and a large, ergonomically-designed chain-brake lever.

Efco MT3700 Chainsaw

In-store price: £259.00

Ideal for intensive home-use, including sawing-up logs, lopping and felling, the Efco MT3700 chainsaw has a 35.2cc (2.2hp) two-stroke engine and a quality 35.5cm Oregon-brand bar and chain.

It weighs just 4.1kg and features a five-point anti-vibration system on both the handle and engine for comfortable operation.

An automatic oil-pump keeps the chain fully lubricated for peak-performance at all times; and reduces flow-levels to zero when on idle to minimize waste.

This chainsaw has working-life up to five-times greater than similarly priced saws. Quality build-features include a forged-steel connecting-rod and crankshaft and a nickel cylinder for longevity. Also the oil pump has an aluminium construction for extra durability

Efco MT4100S Chainsaw

In-store price: £319.00

This reliable and hard-working 39cc petrol chainsaw from Efco will withstand intensive use by the home operator and comes with an extended three-year warranty.

Ideal for sawing-up small- to medium-sized logs, as well as lopping and pruning, the Efco MT4100S is intended for the discerning home-user seeking a high-performance machine that will withstand the test of time.

The Efco MT4100S Petrol Chainsaw employs a 40.5cm Oregon bar and chain for superior cutting-efficiency and better lubrication.

The five-point anti-vibration system on this chainsaw isolates every part of the body and hands from the machine, resulting in improved user comfort. The controls have been ergonomically designed for ease of use.

Efco MT4100SP Chainsaw

In-store price: £379.00

The Efco MT4100SP Petrol Chainsaw offers the discerning home-user the perfect combination of high performance, low-fatigue operation and environmental friendliness.

It has a user-friendly starting-system that ensures a smooth pick-up of the engine with no kickback; and which limits the number of pulls required from cold.

The anti-vibration system employed by this saw isolates the engine from the handles, guaranteeing maximum comfort and easy handling. There is also lateral chain-tensioning device, which simplifies any adjustments to be made.

Other features include an automatic oil-pump that can be adjusted manually. This allows you to fine-tune the oil flow to achieve even better levels of performance and economy.